ANB Capital takes care of your asset management – for shops, offices or storehouses – all over Paris and Ile de France.

Thanks to its associates’ experience, ANB Capital provides quality asset management that is clear and proactive

Technical management

  • Maintenance and servicing
  • Entry and exit inventories
  • Invoices for construction work to be done
  • Following up on the construction work
  • Company inspections

Rental management

  • Management and modification of existing leases
  • Conserving contracts
  • Representing the SCI/SAS
  • Upkeeping relations with the tenants
  • Managing tenant evictions

Financial management

  • Asset valorization
  • Financial monitoring
  • Treasury management
  • Recovery of initial expenses
  • Collecting rent
  • Following up on potential disputes
  • Rendering of accounts


Thanks to its associates’ experience, ANB Capital provides quality asset management that is clear and proactive. Not only does ANB Capital provide third party investment services, it also guarantees technical, rental and financial management for your commercial property. This service is available whether you come to us initially for a third-party investment or if you already own your commercial property and wish to delegate part or all of the management to us.

The management of a commercial asset is a controlled activity that requires authorization granted by the prefecture (property management card) and a specific mandatory insurance (financial guarantees and a business interruption insurance).

Furthermore, commercial property management groups several specific activities that require experience and savoir-faire in several fields. The different steps of commercial property management can be summarized as follows:

  • Technical management: this includes maintenance and the upkeep of the assets. This means that we provide estimates for the work needed to be done, follow up on these projects and control their quality. We also draw up entry and exit inventories. In order to provide a quality service in these field, ANB Capital works with architects and companies in renovation and building.
  • Rental and admin management: this activity encompasses the tasks of monitoring commercial leases (modification, renewal, following up on specific clauses) and taking care of the representation and administration of the company that owns and manages the assets as well as the relations they have with tenants.
  • Financial management: this includes checking accounts (thanks to a certified public accountant), the management of cash flow, rent collection (issuing maturity notices and rent receipts), covering rental expenses and following up on potential disputes.

As part of our proactive asset management, we are able to arbitrate mature assets that would bring plus-value to the owner in the event of a real estate sale. We could bring all of our savoir-faire and expertise to the transaction of an office space or shop, whether occupied or unoccupied.