ANB Capital invests in commercial property for you, whether in offices or shops

  • Scope statement

    • Type of asset desired
    • Expected return
    • Identification of the investor’s profile
  • Research

    • Identification of investment opportunities
    • Case study (business plan)
    • Presentation of an investment memorandum
  • Acquisition

    • Presentation of a tentative offer and creation of the company that will own the asset
    • Acquisition audit and negociation of bank debt
    • Signature of the promise to purchase then the authentic purchase
  • Management

    • Rental and administrative management
    • Budget monitoring and financial follow-up
    • Reports
  • Valorisation

    • Business Plan implementation
    • Follow up (asset valorisation)
    • Asset arbitration
Third-party investments

Our goal is to make commercial property more accessible – whether it be in the form of offices, shops, storehouses or mixed housing/business buildings – and with a higher-yield index than residential property as well a more concrete aspect than financial assets (stock market, savings accounts or bonds). We aim to help investors who don’t have the time or expertise required to invest without the help of a professional.

Investing in commercial property requires following several long and complex steps. ANB Capital helps its clients every step of the way, with its unique savoir-faire and network that are essential to your project’s success.

The investment process can be summarized into 3 clear and separate key steps that each have their stakes and requirements. These different steps can be summarized thus:

  • The « investor profile » has to be decided on when ANB Capital first meets the client for a meeting that serves to understand their motivations and to discuss the type of investment preferred and expected return. This will allow ANB Capital to choose properties that will suit the client’s requirements.
  • Once ANB Capital makes a list of properties, each one is studied in order to make the investor’s choice easier. This analysis includes a business plan and environment study (for tenants and owners) that allows for easier decision making. Once the property has been chosen, ANB Capital researches the best way to finance the new acquisitions.
  • When the decision to invest is made and the main financing taken care of, ANB capital will carry out the legal and fiscal structuring of the company the asset will belong to, as well as the company’s debt linked to the acquisition itself.

The acquisition process dealt with, ANB Capital can also do property management in order to ensure the proper implementation of the business plan and property valorization.