ANB Capital is specialized in the investment transaction process for occupied offices or retail shops

ANB Capital is in daily contact with the market and is specialized in asset investment transaction processes. We implement a targeted commercialization of your assets (private sales, tendering, confidential transactions).

Asset assessment: our criteria

  • Discounted cash flow analysis
  • Capitalisation on future cash flow
  • Comparison with similar transactions

Census of the demand

  • Identification of client needs
  • Database updating

Targeted commercialisation

  • Approaching property institutions
  • Some individuals

ANB is constantly in close contact with the market, thanks to its associates’ experience and its activities in third-party investments. Thus, the company works in proximity with the main market players and collects insider information on the latest transactions in sales or rentals.

ANC Capital has a personalized vision of real estate transactions. The company implements a targeted commercialization of its clients’ assets by counting on a quality database that is updated daily. It includes more than 2000 available offers and a precise evaluation of the assets that depends on several criteria.

The different steps ANB Capital implements in order to efficiently sell your asset are the following:

  • An evaluation based on several criteria in order to correctly determine the price at which the asset will be presented for sale. ANB Capital uses discounted cash flow analysis (method of valuing an asset’s current worth by estimating the value of its future cash flow), revenue capitalization (method that consists in capitalizing on the revenue the asset will provide according to the expected rates for the type of asset, and thus removing certain costs for construction work or other expenses) and the sales comparison approach (comparing the asset to similar properties sold recently in the same sector).
  • A precise census of the demand thanks to a quality database that is updated regularly and that allows ANB Capital to quickly identify demands. We use an innovative assessment tool that comprises over 4 million companies, their workforce and their corporate real estate.
  • A carefully targeted commercialization that goes directly to predefined targets (property institutions…) without going through mass communication systems such as specialized websites or mailing campaigns sent to all the sector’s actors.

Thanks to our approach of the transaction process, ANB can guarantee a targeted and confidential commercialization of your assets.